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2014 Family Winter Bike Ride


Our 3rd annual Family Winter Bike Parade will take place on Saturday February 8, 2014. This short fun ride will start at the back side of City Hall (so not on Laurier) and we will roll leisurely through Sandy Hill for about 30 minutes. We'll end the right at 8LocksFlat, that wooden structure along the canal at the east side of Cork Town Bridge, the famous pedestrian and bike bridge (yes, 'shared space' and that is just fine) over the Rideau Canal.

We'll meet at 11:15 and leave at 11:30. Be in time, you can wait inside if you are cold. We'll cancel it only when the roads are treacherous. Temperature is not an issue! Dress in layers if you are nervous about the temperature. Although every one is different, 4-5 layers will likely be sufficient. We won't cycle very fast (about 13 k/hr).

Back at 8LocksFlat, where we finish this year, we'll be served hot chocolate.

2013 CfSC Recap

TulipseventWe are looking back on a fairly good year for cycling in Ottawa. There have been ups and downs, but generally speaking, Ottawa is moving in the right direction. Some missing links are no longer missing and we believe the city is making a genuine attempt to improve cycling conditions, although it is difficult to believe in progress sometimes, considering the slow pace of implementation. Unfortunately, two cyclists lost their lives in Ottawa. In both cases, heavy trucks turning right were involved in the fatalities from what we understand.

Refreshed Website for Citizens for Safe Cycling

We thought we should give ourselves a birthday present for our 30th anniversary. As we couldn't find people who wanted to do it for free, we tought ourselves Joomla and rebuilt the website in November and December. We also integrated some applications tighter so updating and upgrading is less of a chore. We also changed to dadamail for our newsletter, that gives is more possibilities to communicate with you.

What has changed?

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