Hampton Iona Community Group asks city for safer cycling links

Hampton Iona Community group grows impatient with active transportation progress.

Here is the letter:

June 2, 2014

Mayor Jim Watson
Councillor Mathieu Fleury
Councillor Katherine Hobbs

Ottawa City Hall
110 Laurier Ave W
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J1

Re: Opportunity for a Bicycle Corridor along St. Patrick Street

I am writing on behalf of the Hampton Iona Community Group to express our support for the Vanier Community Association in their efforts to bring a bike lane along the length of St. Patrick Street.

Transportation planning should be done with a broader window than just a small community. We all travel throughout the city and the links between communities keep all our neighbourhoods viable.

 The St. Patrick Bicycle Corridor would provide a safe route between the west side of the Ottawa River Pathway and the east side of the path, as well as, connect the Rideau River Pathway. Coming from the west, the current path ends at the National Art Gallery and then one must brave Sussex or the bridge at St. Patrick to continue along. Currently, this is just not a safe route for anyone.

We are trying to encourage people to explore our city and the wonderful and diverse neighbourhoods within it. If we can make it easier, safer and enjoyable to reach different communities, we all benefit. People would be more comfortable commuting by bicycle if this long overdue change is made to St. Patrick Street. Tourists would be able to enjoy getting a little farther afield by bike if they can do so safely.

We sincerely hope you will recognize the importance of St. Patrick Street as a link in our bicycle infrastructure. This opportunity should not be lost as a result of a few centimetres of street allowance or policies that are geared toward the comfort of automobile traffic. Let’s move forward in creating better safer streets for all!

Thank you for considering the larger impact the St. Patrick Bicycle Corridor could have to our city,

Jen Stelzer

Board Member (and avid cyclist)
Hampton Iona Community Group