Revolution in Ottawa: Car parking spots sacrificed for bike corrals

They arrived on the 2nd of July: Ottawa’s first bike corrals.

The first one went into the Glebe near Joe Mama’s, one of Ottawa’s bike retailers. The second one was spotted in Hintonburg in front of Hintonburg Public House and Bridgehead, Ottawa local pride in Fair Trade coffee and sponsor of coffee at all our events.

Corral number 3 can be found kitty corner of Tall Tree Cycles. No doubt, Sparks Street will ask for a rack soon too. We visualise one at the soon to be opened new Biermarkt in the former Zellers store. 

Hintonburg bike corral (Michael Napiorkowski).
Hintonburg bike corral (Michael Napiorkowski).
Bike Corral number 3 is kitty corner from Tall Tree Cycles in Hintonburg (Giacomo Panico, former Royal Canadian Air Cadets glide instructor).

Yes that is paid for with your taxes, just like that rural road in Osgoode and the 417.