Lights on Bikes: Make yourself visible!

It’s that time of year again. The clocks are turned back and now it is dark before 5pm. By the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, all cyclists must have a front light and rear reflector.

 To raise awareness of the importance of cyclists being properly lit, Citizens for Safe Cycling is holding our third Bikes on Lights event in conjunction with Safer Roads Ottawa, Ottawa Police Service and the National Capital Commission.

lights on bikes map

What: Free bike lights and bells for those poorly equipped.
When: Thursday, November 6th from 4:30 – 6pm. We will be available at 3:30pm for media interviews.
Where: West side of the Corktown Bridge, near the intersection of Somerset and Queen Elizabeth Driveway. This is across the canal from the University of Ottawa.

For about ten dollars, you have front and rear lights. Skimp on coffee, not on your safety (Hans Moor).

We encourage you to have lights both at the front and the rear of your bike. Prices range from $5 to as high as $400. It is important that other road users see you. Imagine a driver in the car, it is raining, the wind screen wipers can hardly keep up, or they are distracted. That near miss could have been a lot worse….Your safety is important, not only to see better in the dark, but even more to be seen in the dark.