May 13 open house for O-Train Trillium Pathway

There will be an open house public meeting for the O-Train Trillium path extension from Young to Carling Avenue, on May 13, from 6 to 8.30pm, at St Anthony Hall (on the pathway). The city proposes construction for this fall. The path will be widened, landscaped, and partially paved.

Cool update: It was announced just before the open house that the entire path will be paved afterall. Some money was found.



Citizens for Safe Cycling learned that there is not enough money to pave the path the entire way. We don’t know how that happens. It is kind of like running out of money so we can’t put LRT tracks in between Bayview and Pimisi. That wouldn’t be OK and that is why we think that is not acceptable for a pathway either.

Any unpaved section means no winter plowing too. So if you care about a complete path, please come out to tell the city how important and useful this pathway is to residents for walking, cycling, dogs to walk their guardians, kids to go to school etc. Remember to press for paving the full length from Young southwards to Carling. If you don’t come out, the city might think cyclists, walkers and dogs don’t care, so why go the extra mile to find extra funding?

Black is existing paved route, gray is stonedust route, red is existing Arboretum Multi Use Pathway, green is Experimental Farm roads/paths. 

You may not care if you live in Nepean, but do realise that this path will eventually connect to the Arboretum path by crossing Carling and Prince of Wales and from there at the Hartwell Locks to the Experimental Farm. People living south of the Farm can fairly easily feed into that route to go downtown.

Where: St. Anthony’s Hall, 523 St. Anthony Street (off Preston, just north of the Queensway)
When: May 13, from 6 to 8.30pm