Canada loves bikes: Bike Day in Canada is Monday, May 25th, 2015

Canada Bikes is organizing Bike Day in Canada.

Canada Bikes issues the following press release:

Millions of trips are taken by Canadians on bicycles every single day and cycling is an important part of the Canadian identity. On Monday, May 25th, you are invited to an annual celebration. It’s time to discuss the important role that cycling plays in building a healthy, wealthy and sustainable country.

The second annual Bike Day in Canada, organized by Canada Bikes on Monday, May 25th, unites cycling events across the country. The headline event, Bike Day on the Hill, is organized by John Weston MP West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country in Ottawa. It’s an all-party celebratory bike ride inviting MPs and Senators from all over the country to ride together. Citizens and community organizations are invited to join in the fun.

This year, Canada Bikes will moderate a Town Hall meeting in Ottawa with representation from the major parties.

The topic will be the role of the federal government in supporting cycling. National governments around the world are taking a serious look at cycling as an economic and social driver. What role can cycling play in Canada in the future? We’ve got lots to talk about whether its infrastructure, education, training or policy and everything in between. You don’t want to miss it.

Wherever you are in Canada, let’s chat, ride and let’s join together on one special day to highlight the importance of cycling for the country we love. Local rides and events are run by our wonderful partners across the country. There may even be an event near you. And if there isn’t, this is your chance to take a moment to tell someone in government how cycling makes you feel, join your local cycling group or grab a friend and just go ride your bike!

“The real story is that increasing cycling participation is a key indicator of safe, high-quality and sustainable communities – great places where we’d all want to live and work. The many benefits are well understood. We can make it happen, together with our political and business leaders” says Arne Elias, Chair of Canada Bikes.

Ottawa event info

Bike Day on the Hill

4:30 – 5:30 pm ET, Bikes and helmets provided for optional riding.

Town Hall meeting: The federal role for Cycling in Canada

7:00 pm in Senate Room 256 Centre Block, Parliament

For local Bike Day in Canada events info across the country:

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For additional information on Bike Day in Canada, please contact:

Arne Elias PhD
Chair, Board of Directors, Canada Bikes
Mobile: 250.918.8388

For more info on Bike Day on the Hill, please contact:

Phone: 613.402.5154

@NHFDcan or @JohnWestonMP