Advocacy results: The NCC pathway along the Mill Street Brew Pub parking lot

If you regularly cycle on the stretch of the NCC Ottawa River Pathway that runs past the Mill Street Brew Pub’s parking lot, you might have already noticed recent improvements that now prevent parked cars from intruding onto the pathway. 

The pathway along the Mill Street Parking Lot

The issue

Safety concerns related to the overhang of parked cars onto the pathway–particularly on this curvy section where cyclists’ sight lines are limited–is an issue that Citizens for Safe Cycling’s Advocacy Working Group (AWG) has been pursuing since late 2015 with our contacts at the National Capital Commission (NCC). As illustrated in the “before” photos above, the west-bound lane was frequently being blocked by the hoods or trunks of cars protruding from parking spots onto the pathway. 

A simple solution

The practical solution that the NCC has now implemented responds to an AWG recommendation: as illustrated in the “after” photos above, pre-cast concrete curbing has been installed to prevent cars from parking so close to the path and inadvertently blocking it. Cyclists and pedestrians can now use this section of the pathway safely, without being forced into the oncoming lane.

An example of advocacy results

This is just one demonstration of how our persistent advocacy efforts and constructive relationship with NCC staff can pay off for Ottawa’s cyclists. If you are interested in getting involved in our advocacy work, learn more about the Advocacy Working Group here. Send an email to to join the group and receive information about attending our monthly meetings.

You can also support our advocacy work by simply becoming a member of Citizens for Safe Cycling, amplifying our voice on key cycling safety issues in Ottawa.

Photo credits: Heather Shearer/Hayley Price-Kelly/Citizens for Safe Cycling