Bruce Timmermans Award for 2015 City of Ottawa presentation

Bruce Timmermans Award to CfSC member Paul Clarke and EcoDistrict

Paul Clarke, leader of Citizens for Safe Cycling’s Advocacy Working Group, receives the Bruce Timmermans individual award for his leadership and insights on how to make a wide range of infrastructure projects safer for Ottawa’s cyclists.

Pictured with Councillor Keith Egli (left) and City of Ottawa’s acting General Manager of Planning and Growth Management, Michael Mizzi (right). Photo: City of Ottawa.

City of Ottawa Press release:

Ottawa – Paul Clarke and EcoDistrict were recognized with 2015 Bruce Timmermans Awards today. The two winners received praise at today’s Transportation Committee for their outstanding commitment to Ottawa’s cycling community.

“We take great pride in the incredible cycling infrastructure that Ottawa has invested for more comfortable, accessible and safer cycling for all residents,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “This year’s Bruce Timmermans Award winners have continued to play an important role in helping ensure our investments are right for the cyclists of this city, both now and in the future.”

Bruce Timmermans was a long-time cycling educator and advocate. Since 1999, this City of Ottawa award has built on Bruce’s legacy by recognizing and celebrating individuals and organizations that share his commitment to cycling.

Recognized with the individual award, Paul Clarke leads the Advocacy Working Group of Citizens for Safe Cycling in Ottawa and plays a co-ordinating role between cyclists, City and NCC staff, and the private sector. With that group, Paul has provided valuable insight to the City and developers on more than 30 projects, including street designs for O’Connor Street, Main Street, Churchill Avenue and Laurier Avenue. He has also consulted on the O-Train pathway, construction of light rail transit, the Trillium Line extension, and the widening of the Airport Parkway. By working with City Council and City staff, Paul continues to illustrate the effectiveness of being engaged, and of encouraging other cyclists to do the same.

EcoDistrict, recognized with the organizational award, is dedicated to reducing downtown Ottawa’s overall ecological footprint. Their mission is to make the downtown core more sustainable, socially vibrant, and attractive to businesses. Since it was founded in 2012, EcoDistrict has striven to increase bike ridership through a variety of initiatives. They have worked with the City to establish bike rack locations and encouraged cyclists to track and report cycling issues along common downtown commuter routes.

“Paul Clarke and EcoDistrict are leaders in Ottawa’s cycling community and both are raising the visibility of cycling in the nation’s capital,” said Councillor Keith Egli, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee. “Every year I am inspired by the dedicated and exceptional recipients of the Bruce Timmermans Award and to the incredible amount of effort they put into making Ottawa one of the best cities for cyclists.”

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Trillium Pathway: one of the many projects Paul Clarke was involved with. (Hans Moor)