Release of our 2017 Ottawa Report on Bicycling

BikeOttawa is proud to announce the release of our 2017 Ottawa Report on Bicycling. This year, our report reflects the excitement of 2017—marking a milestone 150th for Canada, and a promising year for enjoying and continuing to improve cycling in our capital.

Bob Forbes of Action Sandy Hill captured this year’s cover photo, featuring the new advisory bike lanes on Someset Street East.

We take a look at what we’ve done well, opportunities to do better, and highlight cycling data trends as well as stories from everyday cyclists in our city.

Download the report (PDF, 2.8 MB) to read…

  • Highlights of cycling infrastructure completed over the past year
  • A profile of a BikeOttawa advocacy project, the West Transitway Extension
  • Key facts and data trends related to cycling in Ottawa
  • Our annual top ten recommendations for improving cycling in Ottawa
  • review of progress in addressing recommendations we made five years ago
  • Stories about cycling as a senior, cycling outside the downtown core, biking with cargo, and Ottawa’s potential for bike tourism
  • How you can get involved in BikeOttawa

We hope you enjoy!

As always, this report is produced entirely by dedicated BikeOttawa volunteers. A huge thanks go out to the following people who contributed to this year’s edition: Chris Bradshaw, Shawn Gettler, Julie Ivanoff, Shawn Joseph, Zoe Langevin, Lynne Patlatch, Hayley Price-Kelly, Heather Shearer, and the members of CfSC’s Advocacy Working Group.

Download the 2017 report (PDF, 2.8 MB)

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