Top secret: Bike Ottawa’s summer cycling mission

Want to help raise awareness among business owners that people choose to bike to their establishment, and that cyclists represent an important clientele? Join our top secret summer cycling mission…

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it) in three easy steps:

1. Commit to spend money while cycling at least once per week from May 1st to August 30th.

2. Identify yourself as an agent of this mission. Ensure your target is aware you biked to their location. You may choose to carry a helmet with you to accomplish this, or you can indiscreetly ask about the (lack of) bike parking.

3. Document the completion of each weekly mission and communicate your success with a photo posted to social media (platform of your choice), by writing a blog post of your experience, and/or by logging your purchase on ibikeibuy.ca. Use the code hashtags #ottbike and #ibikeibuy to communicate with other agents. 

Remember, this mission is TOP SECRET, and should only be shared with family, friends, co-workers, and that person you just met last week but can’t really remember their name.

Bike Ottawa will update you with suggested targets throughout the summer.

Good luck!