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Information and consultations!

Oh wow, there is a lot going on. And Bike Ottawa needs you to get involved. If you ride a bicycle on paths in Ottawa or Gatineau, then you’ll want to read this blog post.

You want to click through to the pages we’ve linked, because a whole bunch of stuff that affects YOU is about to happen. We’re here to tell you what, when, where, and how to have some influence. Read on…

Capital Pathways Strategic 10 Year Plan

Details here

Deadline to Comment: unknown
Comments to:
Consultation: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 6:00 pm – 8:15 pm (NOW FULL)  Space is limited – so you will need to register
Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 6:00 pm – 8:15 pm (register by Feburary 19) Space is limited – so you will need to register
NCC Urbanism Lab, 40 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor, Ottawa

Bike Ottawa Summary: Every 10 years, the plan for the pathways is renewed. The focus in this consultation will be on building a pathway system that is well-connected, safe for all users, and able to be enjoyed in all seasons.Bike Ottawa encourages the NCC to work with Ottawa and Gatineau, so that the pathways are seamlessly integrated with our municipal pathways and wayfinding. Furthermore, we believe it is important to recognize that the paths are in high demand by a wide variety of users, and for a variety of purposes. The paths must be built in a way that meets those demands. That could include, for example, reducing potential for conflicts by widening or twinning the paths in high-volume areas, and using design cues to guide faster and slower path users to naturally choose the path that is most comfortable for them.

Why you should care: This is an opportunity to bring up your ideas for connectivity, safety, and how to best serve the needs of pathways users.

Sir John A. Macdonald Riverfront Park

Details here

Deadline to Comment: Survey Closed February 11, 2018. But, write to the NCC about this phase of the plans if you have more comments.

Bike Ottawa Summary: We’re sharing this in part to give you ideas to keep in mind if you intend to comment on the strategic 10 year plan for pathways, above.

Why you should care: If you use the Ottawa River pathways west of downtown, this affects you

#CycleON Action Plan 2.0

Details here

Deadline to comment: March 7, 2018

Consultation: Online only

Bike Ottawa Summary: Don’t let the dull-looking consultation page fool you. This is huge news. For the first time ever, Ontario is spending a meaningful amount of money on cycling. It’s not extravagant compared to what is spent on highways, but still enough to make real change happen across the province. A number of the proposed initiatives are focused on tourism, education and encouragement. That’s fine, but the best parts of the strategy, in our opinion, are those points that will lead to more and better physical infrastructure. Furthermore, we;d like to see more strategies aimed at driver education.

Why you should care: For as long as Ontario has been in the transportation game, it’s been all about drivers and highways*. Finally, FINALLY, that is changing, and we’re thrilled. This will help establish a multi-modal transportation culture in cities across the province, and, importantly, within the Government of Ontario itself. Ontario runs many consultations like this on every imaginable topic. Most don’t get much attention. So, simply by commenting, you can make this one stand out as a topic that can’t be ignored, because it really matters to Ontarians. All you have to do is let Ontario know that money for cycling is needed, appreciated, and should keep on being rolled out. Click on the ‘details’ link above for more information, and, right now, take a few seconds to add a comment. Your comment could be as simple as “this is a great idea, do more”, but we KNOW that you have realopinions about what the province should be doing to help more people ride bikes.  

*That’s over-generalizing and editorializing, but safe to say cycling has not factored too heavily in the past.