Capture Bells Corners Pop Up

Tactical suburbanism: Pop-up bike lane in Bells Corners

The Healthy Transportation Coalition is going to make history on July 22, 2018 by installing the first-ever pop-up bike lane in Bells Corners, in partnership with the office of councillor Rick Chiarelli.

Tactical (sub)urbanism has arrived, and we want you to join us there! Expect a BBQ social, speed limit reduction, pylons, many fellow cyclists, and no doubt plenty of curious onlookers. You’ll get a chance to experience riding on a traffic-calmed Moodie Drive as you never have before, in a protected bike lane.

This will make for an interesting Sunday excursion, and is a great excuse to go explore the western greenbelt, too, if you don’t normally visit this part of town.

Where: Along Moodie Drive, south of Robertson for 1.2 glorious kilometers down to Seyton.
When: Sunday July 22, 10-4.

Getting there

From the west: Bells Corners can be accessed easily via the Trans Canada Trail (aka The Great Trail nowadays) and via the Greenbelt pathway that links to the Watts Creek MUP. Then take neighbourhood streets to Moodie south of Robertson.

From the south and east: MUPs from these directions connect with beautiful stone dust trails in Bruce Pit. Cross the 416 using quiet Bruin Rd, then go on paths behind Bell High School and take neighbourhood streets to Moodie south of Robertson.

Using transit: Rack-and-roll to Baseline station, then ride in via Bruce Pit as described above, or take route 97 directly to Bells Corners.

RSVP and get more details from the Healthy Transportation Coalition: