In praise of slow biking

“There’s a quiet revolution happening on the streets of cities worldwide: the rise of slow biking“.

I thought this was a great little article on the joys of moving at a more gentle pace and connecting with other people on bikes. It can be more comfortable, allow to you to connect with your surroundings and other people, and reduce stress. Improved physical health, reduced carbon emissions, cost-effective transportation and being free of traffic are pretty great benefits too.

In Ottawa, there are some lovely ways to enjoy slow cycling, especially in the summer and shoulder seasons (though winter can be excellent too). There are NCC trails along the rivers that can get you from Kanata to Petrie Island, and from Nepean to the Byward Market. Downtown infrastructure can still be dodgy and there are annoying gaps, but with our Bike Ottawa maps and other maps including Google and what Hans on the Bike has on his site you can plan ahead for some pleasant rides.

Finally, you can meet up with other people to learn new routes and expand your cycling horizons. Some options include Thursday Ottawa Bike Social rides, Vélo Fridays organized by Békane Cycles, and other special rides that pop up from time to time. Some of them are especially to encourage kids and family rides, so we’ll provide updates as they get scheduled.