CN Cycle for CHEO

Rain did not deter over 7,000 people from coming out on Sunday to ride or walk for the annual CHEO fundraiser, which raised a record $2.1 million.

Several Bike Ottawa board members were there too and we had some thoughts.

1) Everyone was so joyful! And it was so peaceful. It was nice to be able to distract a tired child by pointing out some cute goslings, or join in a quick conversation with strangers while you rode.

2) We are fairly well connected in the Ottawa cycling community, and yet there were so many many people we didn’t know. Where did they all come from?

3) Maybe they only come to special events like this, because the roads are closed and it feels safe. The events are great, but how can we help connect them to active transportation every day?

4) The roads were closed to cars thanks to a phalanx of police and volunteers. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had safer roads by design for lots of active users? Not just some multi-use pathways and paint off to the side of busy roads, but proper infrastructure to slow car traffic, and reliable, frequent public transit as well as separate wide bike lanes and sidewalks wherever possible.

The organizers did a great job, but it demonstrated how lovely moving around Ottawa could be, and made us hungry for more.