Annual Reports

Would you like to know how many kilometres of bike lanes we have in Ottawa? How many people actually cycle in Ottawa? Which events we organised? How many OC Transpo buses have bike racks? Which places should be on a Top 10 list of improvements? Which infrastructure is being added? What we think of the results of our recommendations?

This is the place to start. Since 2011, our dedicated volunteers have been producing an annual report on cycling in Ottawa. We pull data from the City of Ottawa’s open data, OCTranspo, the National Capital Commission (a federal organisation), bike counters, and from simply observing and asking a lot of people to share their experiences. The report gives you a good overview of the improvements in Ottawa.

Why are we doing this?

Because no one else does. Each bureaucracy in Ottawa does its own thing, and there isn’t always an overall coordination of activities in the region. In response, Bike Ottawa created the original Ottawa Report on Bicycling: the only complete annual overview of cycling in Ottawa. In each report, we look at the past year, we look at upcoming cycling improvements, and we look back 5 years to see what progress has been made on our recommendations.

The Reports

2022 View the 2022 report here. Or, download the 2022 report here. (19 MB)

2021 View the 2021 report here. Or, download the 2021 report here. (15 MB)

2020 View the 2020 report here. Or, download the 2020 report here. (3.7 MB)

2019 Download the 2019 report here. (9.9 MB)

2018 Download the 2018 report here. (3.1 MB)

2017 Download the 2017 report here. (2.8 MB)

2016 Download the 2016 report here. (3.2 MB)

2015 Download the 2015 report here. (5.7 MB)

2014 Download the 2014 report here. (5.0 MB)

2013 There is no 2013 report, as we are superstitious. Just kidding–we changed the name sequence (“2014” reports on 2013).

2012 Download the 2012 report here. (3.7 MB)

2011 Download the 2011 report here. (3.6 MB)

2010 Download the 2010 report here. (1.5 MB)