Embracing winter on two wheels

Since the inception of the Ottawa Winter Cycling Network 5 years ago, the number of trips made by bike during winter has roughly doubled (based upon City bike counter data)!

With an increase in ridership comes a more extensive knowledge pool to be shared.  Whether you are thinking about extending your trips by bike into our colder months or have been cycling year-round for a long time, there is a wealth of information in this Winter Cycling Guide from the perspective of one of Bike Ottawa’s members.

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Seven-year-old Zoë on winter biking as a kid


In our last installment of this year’s Winter Cycling Stories Series, Zoë tells us about winter cycling as a kid! Zoë is seven years old and this is her second year biking through the winter. If you’ve been thinking about trying winter cycling, we hope this is the final nudge you needed to get out there! 

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