Many plans and policies affect cycling in Ottawa and sometimes it’s not easy to know where to look for them. We have tried to compile here the most relevant documents for easy reference.

Bike Ottawa Guides:

Bike Ottawa’s Biking Infrastructure Technical Guide

Bike Ottawa’s Guide to Advocacy

Bike Ottawa’s Winter Cycling Network Missing Links Report

(Read our blog about the Winter Network here).

Finding current and ongoing projects:

Planning, development and construction

City of Ottawa: Official Plan and master plans (including Active Transportation)

City of Ottawa: Development Application Search Tool

City of Ottawa: Active transportation planning website


Resources to help provide feedback:

This will provide you with information regarding the ‘must asks’ and what Bike Ottawa’s focus is for building a liveable City:

Bike Ottawa Biking Infrastructure Complete Streets Guide

City of Ottawa Protected Intersection Guide

City of Ottawa 30km/hr streets Toolbox

(Read our discussion of the Toolbox here)

Ontario Ministry of Transportation: MTO Book 18: Cycling Infrastructure